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Financial Services

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The Power of Audience Segmentation

Financial Services / 10.5.22 / By Rosi Statt

There’s no denying the major shifts in audience behavior and technology in recent years. But many industries, including the financial sector, continue to use a one-size-fits-all approach to target their customers and prospects—regardless of demographics, psychographics and evolving times.

Audience segmentation and tailored messaging driven by consumer research open opportunities to connect each consumer with the right service or product. This data is imperative for businesses to leverage across channels for cohesive and effective marketing campaigns that increase retention and revenue.

Click below to listen to DS+CO and Kantar discuss the power of audience segmentation and how financial industries can create loyal customers and increase prospects to grow their business.

You’ll hear how you can use audience segmentation to enhance your customers’ experience and more:

  • Understanding your target audience and optimizing marketing materials specifically for them
  • What challenges financial industries face when researching consumers
  • How to differentiate yourself from your competitors with a better user experience

This webinar's panelists include:

  • Cathy Wray, Senior Director, Research & Insights, Kantar
  • Jessica Savage, President, DS+CO
  • Melissa Jusianiec, Director of Insight & Analytics, DS+CO
  • Arica Marfoglia, Senior Marketing Strategist, DS+CO

Rosi Statt

Rosi Statt is DS+CO’s managing director of strategy.