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Christine Zajonczkoski named May Jaz Janie

5.7.24 / By Sarah Doud

Every month, Dixon Schwabl + Company honors an outstanding employee with the coveted Jaz Janie Award, created to commemorate Public Relations Vice President Jane “Janie” Argenta, who passed away in September 2009. Jane was a fun-loving, compassionate and hardworking professional who touched the lives of many.

This month’s Jaz Janie winner is Director of First Impressions Christine Zajonczkoski. Christine represents our company’s values and leads by example with her work in the community, and she is a constant reminder that DS+CO was built on fun and personal connections with one another. She works hard to build community within DS+CO and we appreciate her for that. Christine is so helpful to all her team members on a daily basis and is willing to help wherever she can. She does much of her work behind the scenes, quietly. She keeps us organized, answers our questions and helps us navigate needs while in the office. She is the first person we all see when we enter the office in the morning and always greets us with a smile. She is the person everyone approaches when they have a question while in the office—the ultimate “help me help you” coworker. She is always so willing to just jump in on whatever is needed to get the job done on time and done right.

Please join us in celebrating Christine and thanking her for being a shining example of what DS+CO is all about.

Congratulations, Jaz Janie!


Sarah Doud