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Where progress begins: Dixon Schwabl + Company

Brand + Advertising / 9.8.21 / By Kellie Adami

Ask any marketer how it feels to put something out into the world—a campaign, new creative, anything—and they’ll tell you about the excitement they feel watching their hard work finally see the light of day. I know I feel it, especially today. For more than a year, our team has been hard at work on our own brand. And hard work, it was, filled with tough conversations, self-reflection and explorations into what makes us unique. But all that hard work has paid off. So without further ado, I proudly present the new us: Dixon Schwabl + Company.

Before we get into the what, we need to explore the why. Last year saw a lot of remarkable change, both for our team and for society as a whole. We underwent a planned change in leadership when founders Lauren Dixon and Mike Schwabl stepped into new roles as board chair and vice chairman of the board, passing the baton to Kim Allen and Jessica Savage as CEO and president, respectively. With this change came a natural evolution of the vision they established back in 1987.

The societal changes, on the other hand, did not feel natural. But they were absolutely necessary. As we hunkered down in the global battle against COVID-19, we realized the importance of human connections. And as the nation fought back against racial injustice, we saw the power of diversity and the need for equity. These changes and challenges, both positive and painful, would influence who we would become—and the mission we set for ourselves.

When we first sat down and discussed the new brand, we knew we needed a fluid approach. Change is constant, and we need to be able to adapt. We also have a team of smart, loving people who want to make a difference. They all have a voice; they all bring unique perspectives to the table. It’s through their contributions—the contributions of many—that we’re able to create more meaningful experiences. After all, progress doesn’t come from a single person, but rather a group of passionate people driven to make a difference. And so our mission was born: We are change agents, responsible for creating more connected, conscious and compassionate brands. Progress must be made—and we’re here to provoke it.

But how? Good question. Our rebrand proved to be more than a rebrand and drove us to take a critical look at everything we do. Brands now have countless vendor options when it comes to pursuing clearly defined projects, but modern business challenges are nebulous at best. Being a do-it-all agency no longer seemed productive. Instead, we turned to our strengths and what brands really need—a consultative partner who can help build progressive solutions and inspire stakeholder agreement.

And so we established our three core offerings: Intelligence, Strategy and Amplification. Under these three categories, we’re able to better help brands uncover high-growth opportunities, understand audience behaviors and activate conscious brand experiences. Combine these pillars with our passionate team and you get our new, fluid brand. Dixon Schwabl + Company, where progress begins.

But before we begin, I must thank our resilient team. Not just for fighting through 2020, but for bringing their A-game every day. Your unique voices make us who we are, and your dedication is inspiring. This new brand is a reflection of you—of us—and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it. Now let’s get to work.

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Kellie Adami

Kellie has 30 years of experience in marketing—building relationships, guiding teams, overseeing smart brand campaigns, and working in strategy and business development for both prospective and long-term accounts. She lends her time to the boards of Huther Doyle and Big Brothers Big Sisters, has won multiple ADDY awards for her agency work, is HubSpot and Google Analytics certified, and is a graduate of Ohio University and SUNY Fredonia.