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December 2 webinar

Grow your fanbase by delivering an omnichannel experience

Watch / 11.18.21

Sports and entertainment events are more than just an in-person experience. They’re multiple-screen events when the action is live, and a way for fans and attendees to stay connected 24/7 in between. But not all audiences are the same: While 18- to 29-year-olds stand out for their use of Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, older adults favor Facebook. And only YouTube and Reddit have experienced significant growth in users since 2019.

So how do you engage your audiences on the right channel at the right times? On December 2 at 1pm we talked with the Heritage Classic Foundation, PGA TOUR and Slate, which works with the PGA TOUR and other brands, including the NFL and NBA. Our panel explores:

  • How to create on-brand content and consistency across all audience touchpoints
  • The value of authenticity
  • How real-time content enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • What you can learn from listening

Our panelists include:

  • Angela McSwain, Marketing & Communications Director, Heritage Classic Foundation
  • Becca Toth, Customer Success Manager, Slate
  • Taylor Crosby, Senior Content Manager, Tournaments, PGA TOUR Digital
  • Mike McGinnis, Content Manager, Dixon Schwabl + Company