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American Packaging Corporation

DS+CO was tasked with pushing American Packaging Corporation's creative boundaries, proving they were capable of delivering vibrant and unique flexible packaging solutions. When American Packaging Corporation asked DS+CO to push the company's creative boundaries, we didn't hold back.

Project Info

White Chips

With complete creative freedom and all kinds of packaging to work with, DS+CO explored textual, conceptual photography to bring these samples to life.

CS Candy Bars

“DS+CO took our challenge to an unimaginable high level, creating such appealing designs it leaves your mouth watering and stomach growling for the food product. I can’t wait to see my customers’ reactions to these beautiful and impactful package designs.”
—Teri Meadow, Director of Corporate Marketing, American Packaging Corporation

APC 12 7 230604 Wht
CS Charlie
CS Coffee
Rosarios Reserve
CS Power Pac