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Evolving brands require attention, trust and partnership—especially when they’ve been growing for 150 years. Working hand-in-hand with Pike’s leaders, DS+CO evolved the company and its brand foundation.

Project Info

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18982 Pike Cs Stdy Grphcs 01
18982 Pike Cs Stdy Grphcs 02
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By bringing each arm together under one brand—one with a unifying purpose and a clear company structure—Pike knew it would be able to unify its valued internal team to be able to better serve its customers and demonstrate its value.

Pike Fence Wrap

The final logo is made up of a custom type treatment constructed with precise geometry and the same sense of strength and stability found in all Pike construction projects.

18982 Pike Cs Stdy Grphcs 06

The accompanying seal spells out the full company name for use in new markets where the Pike brand name is less known and features a pentagon icon that references the five generations of leadership and Pike’s five core values—overlapping in forward motion.